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What is cheating

CHEATING is the most usual, controversial and common habit now a days..

Out of my basic commonsense, I am trying to understand the scenario of cheating.

If a person is started to cheating another person, sadly he know that he is cheating.

however he is not asking the person why you are cheating me. Now the person who is cheating is continuing the process saying that he is not asking me so I am doing this.

Now here we need to understand here some basic common sense things

First of all the thought of cheating another itself is wrong. On top of that we should not tell the reason he is not objecting so I am continuing the process. There may be reasons of not objecting that doesn't mean its a green signal come and do whatever you want. This mean you are ready to cheat if a person is ready to get cheated. Where is your commonsense and humanity goes. I feel then this person is more dangerous that killers, terrorists and even devils.

There are some reasons who will cheat some other by unknowingly, those are excused mistakes. Those kind of persons will realize and will accept their mistakes. Knowingly if a person is doing cheating is more dangerous crime as same as killing. Because you are killing the trust of other person which equal to killing a person.

- Shabarish Donthi

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