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Habits & Dressing Styles

Does an individual habits and dressing styles decide how the person is....

For my knowledge if anyone will say your habits and dressing style is telling you are a wrong person, its better that person should require psychology treatment

If a lady is in short dresses or she may be in nude how can one think that she is having some bad intentions and she is open to any one. The problem is not in her dressing here the main problem is your mind and your thinking. Don't take the situation granted.

Likewise if a person is having a habits of drinking, smoking or any other habits how can we decide if he is having these kind of habits he is bad. Nor every non drinking person is good or every drinking person is bad. It's all about the perception. If this thinking is correct how the great saint and guru Adi Shankarachayrya got a knowledge from a drunkard.

Control your mind make sure your thinking will reach you to greater heights.

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